What We Do

We know that individuals and organizations who want to leap and inspire move along a journey from where they are to where they want to be.  We bring different services to you, depending on your need.


Whether individual or team coaching, we work with you to first identify your current challenges as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. Then we design a coaching process that will support you in moving from where you are now to where you want to be. We use assessments and include other stakeholders as needed for your specific situation. Our coaching engagements take place both in person and virtually, depending on your needs.


When organizations are doing the hard and inspirational work of addressing their practices, policies, and culture, we work alongside them as partners. We believe that no one knows an organization as well as its members do – no consultant can accurately assess and organization and recommend specific actions on their own. While we have expertise, so do our clients. We partner with them to bring the best of that expertise together so that the actions we take are the right ones and we work alongside our clients to implement those actions so that they are sustainable for the long run by the client themselves. We don’t like to create undue dependency on our services.


Many times, workshops and programs are part of an organization’s journey. We facilitate workshops and programs ranging from half-day to multi-day to multi-session learning journeys, depending on the level of change an organization is striving for. We also make keynote presentations when organizations want to energize employees into action.

A report on inclusive decision making by Cloverpop showed impressive results: Inclusive teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time. And decisions made and executed by diverse teams delivered 60% better results. 

Why? Because different perspectives are valuable. While you may feel more comfortable working with people who share your background or opinions, collaborating with people who don’t look, talk, or think like you can stretch you to think more critically and creatively. 

As one Harvard Business Review writer said, “Creating a more diverse workplace will help to keep your team members’ biases in check and make them question their assumptions.”


Diversity and inclusion, which are the real grounds for creativity, must remain at the center of what we do. ~Marco Bizzarri