Leap continued

net will appear” flashed into her mind. 

This was advice given by someone she and her co-author had interviewed for their book, Kick Some Glass: Ten Ways Women Succeed at Work on Their Own Terms.  The advice was so powerful it was a subtitle in one of the book’s chapters.  It became the framing that Jennifer used to define what it would look like to leave her organization.  She crafted two scenarios: Stay and Leap.  After sharing them with a close colleague, the individual observed “your eyes light up when you talk about the Leap scenario”.  Jennifer had her answer – she would Leap.

Making a decision to take a risk and leave the comfort of a known situation is tough for any of us.  For individuals, it might look like Jennifer’s decision.  For organizations, it might look like opening the proverbial Pandora’s box to examine whether well-intentioned policies and practices are actually creating a lack of equity for groups of employees or clients.  Even though it is the right thing to do, and organizational leaders trust that the future will be more equitable with necessary changes, there are risks in uncovering what is not working to pursue the better approach.  Whatever the leap you are considering, we can help you throughout the process.